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Rural route map: Iowa City, Hills, Riverside, Kalona loop

Project update: Webinar, AutonomouStuff case study

Read our latest newsletter update, with an article from our partners at AutonomouStuff in Morton, Illinois, an upcoming webinar with our researchers, and a note on our dedication to safety.  
ADS bus at AutonomouStuff

AutonomouStuff case study: Automated Driving Systems for Rural America

Our tech partners AutonomouStuff in Morton, Illinois, have been busy with the final software integration and testing of our new automated vehicle, set to hit Iowa rural roads this summer.
ADS Transit with labels

Project update: Equipment installed on new research vehicle

The Transit shuttle bus for the University of Iowa's ADS for Rural America project has been equipped with automated driving technology by Illinois-based AutonomouStuff.
Tesla and Ford Transit, UI automated vehicles

Creating an Automated Shuttle for America’s Backroads

An automated shuttle bus is about to hit Iowa roads next summer. Here's a brief update on our ADS for Rural America project by ADAPT, including how our vehicle is becoming automated at AutonomouStuff, LLC to how COVID-19 has impacted the project.
Iowa Magazine: The Road to the Future Runs Through Iowa

The Road to the Future Runs Through Iowa

University of Iowa researchers at the National Advanced Driving Simulator pave the way for the automated vehicles of tomorrow. But how soon before self-driving cars get here? Iowa's rural roads could hold the key.
ADS bus at AutonomouStuff
AutonomouStuff in Morton, IL, is installing equipment to turn the vehicle into an automated vehicle.

Project update: Our vehicle is now becoming automated

The University of Iowa National Advanced Driving Simulator's custom Ford Transit shuttle bus has been across the Midwest and is now being outfitted with automated driving technologies.
One of the UI's research vehicles on a rural Iowa road

University of Iowa ramping up automated vehicle testing on local rural roads

University of Iowa researchers with the National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS) are ramping up their testing of automated vehicles on rural roads—thanks to a $7 million U.S. Department of Transportation grant.
Rural road automated driving

NADS's $7 million automated driving in rural America study featured on Iowa Public Radio

Dan McGehee of the National Advanced Driving Simulator and his colleagues recently received a $7 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation to research automated driving in rural America.
Lincoln automated vehicle

UI puts rural autonomous driving through its paces

At a casual glance, it looks like any Lincoln MKZ. But it’s smarter.

A Cool 60 Million for Automated Driving R&D

The U.S. Department of Transportation awarded nearly $60 million in grant funding to eight projects in seven states to test the safe integration of automated driving systems (ADS).