The data collected will help identify challenges, opportunities, and insights relevant for USDOT safety and rule-making priorities.

Types of data to be collected:

  • Video data from the safety driver to examine kinematics/performance/workload
  • Questionnaire data from the riders regarding trust and acceptance
  • Physiological data from riders and safety driver regarding stress/anxiety
  • Automation performance data, documenting challenges
  • Impacts of environment, such as grip, surface state, surface layer thickness, surface temperature, air temperature, dew point and frost point, relative humidity, and wind speed and direction 
  • To protect the privacy of our participants, video footage of participants will only be available to those who sign a Data Usage Agreement with the University of Iowa. This requires entities to make a special request and limits their use of the data. 

Data will be made publicly available for analysis and will be augmented for ease of use. It will be available for five years after completion of the study. A link will be provided on this page once data is available. 

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